about the project

The militant city is an ongoing research into the politics of critical art in two Olympic cities: London and Barcelona. The project investigates the role of art in the configuration of an antagonistic space in relation to the Olympic event. This webpage maps the project’s progress through a series of case studies, and will also serve as an archive for the events we have been involved with. Because of its nature, the webpage will remain a work in progress for the duration of the project, due to finish in early 2013.

The Olympic Games provide the neo-liberal backdrop against which the relationship between cultural production and the political will be inquired. The Olympic mega-event is akin to Rancière’s ‘order of the police’: it regulates what is visible and invisible, sayable and unsayable, thinkable and unthinkable; it distributes individuals and groups in positions of ruler or ruled. We are interested in eruptions of dissensus against this consensual space: works that challenge that cartography of the sensible and the thinkable; practices that shake up the ordering of what can be seen, said, or thought.

The militant city is a Birkbeck, University of London, project, with funding from the Spanish Ministry of Education. The team is currently formed by Mari Paz Balibrea (principal investigator) and Isaac Marrero-Guillamón (researcher).