Urban Materialities symposium

As ‘the militant city’ comes to an end, I’m delighted to share some of my research findings in a one-day symposium, Urban Encounters: Urban Materialities, at the Tate Britain on Oct 5th

Blurb and programme below. Further details here.

“The interdisciplinary contributions bring distinctive, yet overlapping concerns to the investigation, critical analysis and theorizing of materialities within the urban context. These can include geographies of security and surveillance, bodies, surfaces, everyday objects, or larger architectural forms.

Panels engage with these concepts and practices through the themes of Sensibilities, Objecthood, and Disappearances. Speakers include Peter Fraser, Adrian Lahoud, Corinne Silva, Paola Yacoub, and Paul Goodwin, Christoph Lueder, Nick Ferguson and Rachel Jones.

This symposium is organised in collaboration with Goldsmiths College Centre for Urban and Community Research and Kingston University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, and is part of the annual Urban Photo Fest.


10.30 Introduction: Nora Razian & Paul Halliday

10.35 Peter Fraser: A City in the Mind

Panel 1: Sensibilities

11.05 Adrian Lahoud

11.30 Corinne Silva: Gardening the Suburbs: the Politics of Planting in Israel/Palestine

11.55 Tatiana Macedo

12.20 Q&A with audience chaired by Caroline Knowles

13.00 Lunch

Panel 2: On Objecthood

14.00 Welcome back: Nora Razian

14.05 Christoph Lueder: Upside down and sideways up – Corporeality in Translations between Ground and Image Plane

14.30 Dan Hays: Touch Screen (screen as landscape)

14.55 Nick Ferguson: Self-centred Objects. Suburbia, Intervention and Photographic Representation

15.20 Q&A with audience Chaired by Paul Halliday

15.50 Break

Panel 3: Disappearances

16.05 Welcome back: Nora Razian

16.10 Paola Yacoub: Under this trail there are corpses

16.35 Isaac Marrero-Guillamón: Contesting the tyranny of redevelopment: critical art and the London Olympics

17.00 Rachel Jones : Landscape of Disappearances

17.25 Q&A Chaired by Paul Goodwin

18.00 End

18.00 Drinks reception in the Clore Foyer

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