about the project

The militant city investigates the politics of critical art in two Olympic cities: London and Barcelona. The project considers the role of art in the configuration of spaces of antagonism in relation to the Olympic event. This webpage maps the project’s progress and serves as an archive for associated events.

The Olympic Games provide the neo-liberal backdrop against which the relationship between cultural production and the political will be inquired. The Olympic mega-event is akin to Rancière’s ‘order of the police’: it regulates what is visible and invisible, sayable and unsayable, thinkable and unthinkable; it distributes individuals and groups in positions of ruler or ruled. We are interested in eruptions of dissensus against this consensual space: works that challenge that cartography of the sensible and the thinkable; practices that shake up the ordering of what can be seen, said, or thought.

The militant city received funding from the Spanish Ministry of Education (2011-2012). The team is currently formed by Isaac Marrero-Guillamón (Goldsmiths) and Mari Paz Balibrea (Birkbeck).

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