The Art of Dissent at ‘One Day in the City’

Hilary Powell and myself have been invited to present our book The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State at “One day in the city”, the UCL Festival of London and Literature:

“One Day in the City” is a celebration of London and Literature organised by the Department of English, at University College London. The day and evening is free to the general public and is a rare opportunity to listen to and share thoughts with authors, poets, and academics in all things London.

Talks; Readings; Panels; Q&A: The most highly-acclaimed novelists, poets, and academics will be reading, performing, and discussing some of the greatest work inspired by London.

Art; Design; Film: In partnership with the Bartlett School of Architecture, there will be two exhibitions offering a unique and dynamic conglomeration of London texts and images – digital, photographic, hand-drawn, and hand-crafted.

To name but a few, our contributors include Man Booker Prize-winners A.S. Byatt and Alan Hollinghurst; the renowned poets Daljit Nagra and Sarah Maguire; and the iconic London voices of Iain Sinclair and Will Self.

We are part of Panel 1b: “The Politics of Space”, and will be presenting alongside Sabina Andron, Claire Dwyer and Ali Mangera.





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